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"Tru Skool Daze" a Hip Hop Life Style Extravaganza

Posted by Andy Pitre on Sep 21

Tru Skool

On Saturday, October 3rd Strong Arm Management & Tru Skool Tuesday will be hosting "Tru Skool Daze" a Hip Hop life style extravaganza.

This event will cover various elements of Hip Hop. The day will start off with an Emcee Battle hosted by our sponsor Grind Time ATL. Then we go into The Chop Shop which is a producers' sample exhibition hosted by our sponsor Dynamic Producer. Simultaneously, throughout the day there will be a "My Kicks" sneaker exhibition hosted by Sneaker Me Stupid.

There will be a "Graph Fix" art exhibition displaying the works of Bret Boogie (I Exist), J Mil (Collective Efforts), The Hydrilla and Rob Phas. Also, we will have the R Cade: The Classic Video Game competition and Hip Hop Fliks - a viewing of some classic Hip Hop films. The day will end with performances by:

  • The FIVE (formerly the Regime)
  • Great Scott
  • Syd Vicious
  • Lund
  • Sonny Bamboo
  • Mosh Jelton

Music by DJ Teknology.

The event is free to A3C 3-Day Pass holders or is $5 at the door.

For more information visit Tru Skool: www.truskool.webs.com

Sponsored by:
Dynamic Producer - www.dynamicproducer.com
Sneaker Me Stupid - www.sneakermestupid.com
Grind Time - www.grindtimenow.com

Tru Skool Daze

Andy Pitre

Written by Andy Pitre

Topics: Tru Skool, Syd Vicious, News, The FIVE, Great Scott, Sonny Bamboo, Sneaker Me Stupid, Grind Time Now, Dynamic Producer, Lund, Mosh Jelton

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