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Torae Album Listening Session on the UniqueSquared Mobile Studio @ A3C

Posted by LuisReyes on Oct 12

This year's A3C Festival has been far and away, one of the BEST ones yet! And that's a lot to say considering the Festival's history. So in the vein of being one of the most memorable A3C Festivals - The Torae 'For The Record' Album Listening Session.

Coney Island, Brooklyn's Torae along with The UniqueSquared Mobile Studio teamed up and showcased his latest work which isn't even available yet, For The Record.

Armed to the teeth with production from cultural and music powerhouses such as 9th Wonder, Pete Rock and !llmind, Torae welcomed all the invite-only attendees to an album which some are already throwing in the 'album of the year' pot. Songs like 'You Ready' sees longtime collaborator Marco Polo team up with Torae to deliver the tried and true formula they have previously established. The !llmind-laced 'What It Sound Like' is an album highlight is there ever was one.

So well received was the album preview, that attendees only had one request upon the end of the last song - play the album again please! With folks like DJ Jazzy Jeff, Don Cannon, and Da Beatminerz in attendance, this album was quite the buzz with ALL who heard it.

Torae's For The Record Album Listening Session was a perfect event to have during the 2011 A3C Hip Hop Festival. A gamut of industry luminaries in attendance, stellar (and I mean STELLAR) album production, and a lone emcee to weave it all together.

For The Record is available to pre-order on iTunes and FatBeats

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Written by LuisReyes

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