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Planet Potency Confirmed Media Parter for 2014

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Oct 5


Planet Potency® launched as an Urban Apparel line in 2009. After much demand from our fan base for more visuals, Planet Potency evolved into a production company providing graphics, photography, videography, and more. Fast track several years later Planet Potency has grown into an International Media Outlet, with our main Headquarters based in Atlanta. Our goal is to provide our readers the most potent content in the Music, Automotive, Modeling & Fashion Industries. Working with Leading Companies in these industries, we bring you behind the scenes exclusives, promote the dopest up & coming artist/music, cover exclusive events, feature readers & their rides, showcase the best in fashion and feature the hottest models.

Connect with the most high at www.PlanetPotency.com

LIKE/FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE: FB/IG/Twitter/Youtube @PlanetPotency

Business Inquiries Contact: info@PlanetPotency.com

The Blog Team

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