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Hip Hop Zilla confirmed Media Partner for 2014

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Oct 7


HipHopzilla.com is a search and discovery network that can be seen as the one and only place on the Internet to instantly witness worldwide buzz about hip-hop's latest trending headlines, videos, photos and new music from over 900+ blogs, websites, artists and celebrity social streams. With over 2+ million posts and growing, it is widely held as the Internet of Hip-Hop Things.

At this year's A3C Hip-Hop Festival, HipHopzilla has partnered with MP3Vidi.com bring a very special gift to all attendees. Everyone needs a little bit of something else to accompany their music these days, and what better than some customized visuals. But visuals aren’t exactly the easiest and quickest thing to create, and they can end up being quite a chunk out of the budget, which is a definite, "no go" for independent artists. MP3Vidi allows anyone to automatically generate videos for music and audio tracks with no video editing skills, or any skills of the like for that matter, required.

Using the promotional code "A3CHHZ2014," during the festival, A3C attendees will be granted a free 1-year PLUS level account upgrade (valued at $60) to easily create videos from their music and audio tracks automatically in minutes. Looking forward to this year's festivities, the HipHopzilla team will be out in full force capturing snaps and video clips of all the action to share with the world. See you there!!!

The Blog Team

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