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Win a Free Atlast x A3C 2013 Commemorative T-Shirt!!!

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on May 14

Last year we partnered with our good friends over at Atlast Clothing based here in ATL to produce the awesome A3C 2013 T-Shirt that many of you have seen around. Well, we recently cleaned out our closet and found a fresh box of these bad boys and will be giving some away to the A3C Community!!


ATLAST x A3C 2013 Collaboration T-Shirt ATLAST x A3C 2013 Collaboration T-Shirt




1) Buy a pass (any pass) to 2014 A3C Festival, and automatically join#A3C365.

2) LIKE the A3C Festival Facebook page, if you haven’t already

3) SHARE Atlast x A3C Collab Tee Post on Facebook

4) Sit back and wait… We will announce a lucky winners on Facebook

What is A3C365?

The mission of A3C365 is to offer the A3Community opportunities to engage, learn, support and enjoy events across the US, and beyond, 365 days a year. We will be partnering with some of the most respected organizations, brands and influencers in the US in order to offer the A3Community amazing experiences and unique opportunities. Each year we will be giving away tickets to 100+ concerts, festivals and events as well as other opportunities and prizes.


Want to join A3C365?

2014 A3C pass holders will automatically join A3C365! Once you buy any pass for A3C, your work is done.

The Blog Team

Written by The Blog Team

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