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Take 5 w/ Jarren Benton

Posted by Jake Mayo on Aug 11

Jarren Benton has experienced a meteoric rise in the last year. The Funk Volume standout dropped “My Grandmas Basement,” hit the road with Tech N9ne on the Independent Grind Tour, and landed himself on the XXL Freshman cover as the people’s choice. Jarren’s quirky-sharp lyricism and enigmatic personality have garnered him a much-deserved buzz as he makes a return to Atlanta for his second consecutive A3C appearance. We caught up with Jarren on our Take 5 segment to discuss Funk Volume, his favorite beer, and how he plans to act on stage this year in ATL.

A3C: Fill in the blank: Jarren Benton is going to "____" at A3C this year?

JB: “Act a fu*king fool and give a great show.”

A3C: Describe Funk Volume in 5 words or less

JB: “The cat's pajamas.”

A3C: Weed or PBR?

JB: “PBR.”

A3C: Wildest experience on the road?

JB: “I can't mention it.”

A3C: Favorite record of yours up to this point

JB: “Life In The Jungle,” “Heart Attack, "All of that," (this is a new song from my new project) “My Adidas,” “Skitzo.”

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Jake Mayo

Written by Jake Mayo

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