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Take 5 w/ Caskey

Posted by Jake Mayo on Aug 18

Cash Money artist Caskey has endured a long road to success. The Florida native’s grind independently has consisted of the “Baking With Caskey” web series, two timeless projects, (No Complaints and The Transient Classics) a major label signing (Cash Money) and seemingly endless tours. From weed rap to head-scratching, socially conscious memorandums, Caskey covers it all. As he readies his campaign for A3C, we caught up with him on our Take 5 segment to discuss his favorite record, weed, and the hours he’s spent getting tattooed. Spoiler: It’s a lot.

A3C: Favorite track from "The Transient Classics?"

Caskey:Too Much Information.”

A3C: Your mission at A3C is "____?"

Caskey: “To continue this music/life journey I'm on.”

A3C: Favorite weed Strain?

Caskey: “Whatever my local dealer has.”

A3C: Best advice you've received from Baby or Slim after signing to Cash Money

Caskey: “Slim told me to put at least an hour every day into music. If you really want it, become obsessed with it."

A3C: Amount of hours spent getting tattooed?

Caskey: “Too fu*kin' many, like 60+”

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Jake Mayo

Written by Jake Mayo

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