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Style Village Vendor: C4 Belts

Posted by Obese on Sep 25

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The idea for C4 was born above the bustling streets of Shanghai, where 4 American friends shared a small apartment. Discouraged by the U.S. recession, these friends had decided to put their college Chinese classes to use by moving to China and diving straight into the culture. At heart, all 4 shared a thirst for adventure, a thirst to immerse themselves in all things China, from the busy streets during the day to the booming clubs at night.


And all 4 shared a common problem: their belt selection seriously cramped their style. As easy as it was for them to find a killer watch or the perfect kicks for their trips to the local market or the raging clubs, they always had to compromise with a boring leather belt. Leather that was ruined by rain. Leather that stretched if a bigger friend “borrowed” it. And worst of all: leather that reminded them of their parents. So the 4 friends start trading ideas about how to make belts better. More exciting. Somehow cool. They look to fashion, to music, to all things fresh and clean, for inspiration. Little do they know the answer to their boring belt problem is something they already own: their watches. The 4 roommates realize they all own watches with flexible bands, made from a recyclable material known as TPE plastic. They realize they never have a problem with their watch bands stretching, or being ruined by rain, or reminding them of their semi-retired parents.

So they begin initial research. The research only leads them to crude versions of a plastic belt, but nothing close to their vision of sleek TPE plastic belts. Knowing they can improve on these crude versions, they set off on a journey to the heart of China to turn their vision into a reality. 4 one-way tickets later, they stumble upon a small factory in the Chinese countryside. The owner—a small, progressive man with caffeine for blood—offers them the freedom necessary to bring their vision to life. They sign a deal with him for a few hundred prototypes and the prospect of future visits.

Visit: c4belts.com

Look for C4 Belts as one of this years Style Village Vendors!


Written by Obese

Topics: News, C4 Belts

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