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Stay Productive Producer Showcase 7.30 @529

Posted by Andy Pitre on Jul 18

This one is free until 10:00pm, but we're giving away two pairs of tickets anyways, so you can feel free to get there late. To win, leave a comment with the name of and a link to your favorite Floyd the Locsmif beat.

Stay Productive 2: a non competetive hip hop producer showcase

featuring composition, collaboration, and showcases.
Starring Clan Destined, Illastrate, Floyd the Locsmif, DJ Pocket,
Baka, Conspiracy, Que Rico, Ethereal, Introspective Minds, and Silo
9pm July 30 at 529

Andy Pitre

Written by Andy Pitre

Topics: Illastrate, News, Baka, Giveaways, Conspiracy, Introspective Minds, Clan Destined, Ethereal, Floyd the Locsmif, DJ Pocket, and Silo, Que Rico

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