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SMKA - The Hangout Part 2 (Mixtape)

Posted by Obese on Apr 30


Let's just call this the culmination. This is the final part of the outcome that was The Hangout, which saw production crew SMKA take a 4 day extended weekend and turn it into exactly what the title suggests. Don't be fooled though. They put in plenty of work with some of their closest friends, already showcasing Part 1 last month, and giving us some releases off Part 2 along the way. This one features the likes of SL Jones, Grip Plyaz, Jarren Benton, iNDEED, Mach Five, REi, Young Lyxx, K Camp, Spacesuit Junkies and much more. Check it out below. I'm still trying to figure out how this one is free!


Written by Obese

Topics: smka, News, kato, 808 Blake

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