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SL Jones- Paraphernalia

Posted by TDubATL on May 24


SL Jones and DJ Burn One have come together to create "Paraphernalia" a 12 track EP. The project is produced entirely by Burn with instrumentation from 5 Points Music Group (which consists of Ricky Fontaine, Walt Live and The Professor) aka iNDEED and cuts from DJ DiBiase. As someone who's been keeping an ear out for Jonesy since 'Sags & Flags', I'm really impressed with this project. Burn One and team really brought the best out of him. Check out the tracklisting and links below. The download is FREE.99

Download Paraphernalia

Couple of visuals released for the project





SL Jones On Twitter

DJ Burn One On Twitter

5 Points Music Group Twitter


Written by TDubATL

Topics: News

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