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Ultra Beast: Señor Kaos & 4-Ize

Posted by LuisReyes on May 19


Nicole Rateau, www.thekaoseffect.com, www.4ize.com


(ATLANTA, GA – May 17, 2011) Atlanta mainstay emcees Señor Kaos and 4-Ize have teamed up to form a new group known as Ultra Beast.

When you combine the forces of two superiorly talented individuals that have not only mastered but reinvented their craft, they become a more powerful, twice as brilliant, creative super power … an Ultra Beast!

The affiliation between the two emcees spans nearly a decade in the Atlanta Hip Hop scene. “I first met 4-Ize my senior year of high school at a local MC battle. He was funny, unique and had his own style, and from that moment I knew he was somebody I wanted to work with,” said Señor Kaos about his first meeting with 4-Ize.

The two first collaborated in 2001 and again in 2003, but it would be nearly ten years later in 2009 when the pair would record together again. (what inspired the reunion?)

“We recorded one song for my project, Illuminated Animals. Next thing you know, we had four records finished for the project. We started rocking shows together and recording more music which led to this current project. It was only a matter of time before Ultra Beast was unleashed,” said 4-Ize on his musical reunion with Señor Kaos.

The two are currently recording the new project which is scheduled for release later this summer. Their first offering is a track entitled “Wind Is High” produced by New York duo Da Beatminerz.

Ultra Beast’s first show is May 28, 2011 at 9 p.m. at the Five Spot along with Cunninglyguists and Homeboy Sandman in Atlanta, GA.

To hear music from the Ultra Breast, visit www.thekaoseffect.com.

4-IZE & Senor Kaos are ULTRA BEAST -Wind Is High (radio edit) by señorkaos


Written by LuisReyes

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