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Rich Medina (A3C Artist Spotlight)

Posted by Erin on Jul 23


Divulging in Afrobeat and funk, to house and hip-hop, Rich Medina has taken listeners on a sonic journey for the past almost 20 years. While he's also a producer and poet, Medina has DJ'ed shows for artists like De La Soul and The Roots, all the way to working with Gil Scott-Heron and Jill Scott. His unparalleled love for music has provided incredible sets, and with parties like, Jump N' Funk, which is one of the only parties in the world dedicated to Fela Kuti's legacy, and Happy Feet alongside Bobbito, you're always guaranteed an amazing time.

Check out Fuse's interview with Rich about his vinyl collection.


Written by Erin

Topics: News, Bobbito, Fela Kuti, Rich Medina

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