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Rapper Big Pooh - Working Solo Projects

Posted by Andy Pitre on Mar 6


I was reading earlier this week in Creative Loafing that Little Brother's next album, Left Back is supposed to be the last album from the group. Rapper Big Pooh, who just played in ATL with fellow A3Cer Rock Most, has a few projects in the works that I'm looking forward to checking out.

Honestly, I'm rather disappointed to hear that LB is calling it quits. Over the last few years, they've been holding it down, making great music and putting on live shows. I've seen Little Brother live about a half dozen times, including at the A3C in 2008 and they are one of the livest acts around.

Here's my big question: With 9th, Big Pooh and Phonte all being strong supporters of the A3C, is there any chance of getting the crew back together for one last show in 2010?

Side Note: Big Pooh and Black Milk currently have mixtape (mixed by Jaycee) out called the Purple Tape which you can listen to for free at Bandcamp.

Andy Pitre

Written by Andy Pitre

Topics: Purple Tape, Jaycee, Black Milk, News, Little Brother, Big Pooh

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