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Playboy Tre, Marian Mereba & Spree Wilson - Good Life (Prod. by Kato)

Posted by Obese on Mar 21


In 5 days, on March 26th, we will receive the first project of two that is the outcome of production crew SMKA blocking out 882 studios for four days and inviting each and everyone of their friends to come Hang Out and enjoy the Good Life. Here is the latest effort from the days that were, this one by Playboy Tre, Marian Mereba and Spree Wilson, that celebrates the survival tactics it takes to live the life that we all strive for when you start at the bottom. Kato settles down his sound with a synth heavy instrumental that is almost hypnotizing at times. See you Tuesday for Part 1!


Written by Obese

Topics: smka, News, kato, Playboy Tre, Marian Mereba, Spree Wilson

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