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Atlanta DJ Battle: Pictures from A3C's Needle To The Record Feat. DJ Shiftee, Rob Swift & DJ Scratch

Posted by LuisReyes on Oct 13

The Needle To The Record DJ Competition (brought to you by Traktor) at A3C this past weekend was a HUGE success. DJ competitions are few and far between these days so when one pops up, dee jays will turn out in droves to try and make a name for themselves. And with well respected guys like DJ Shiftee, Rob Swift, and DJ Scratch in attendance - it was all hands on deck. Traktor, Jungle 45 and Unique Squared made sure a great time was had by all. The above picture shows some of the energy John Crooms was able to capture of the event. Visit his blog to see more from this phenomenal night at 2010 A3C.

John Crooms's Blog

Props to Kimberly



Written by LuisReyes

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