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Neak Feat. GLC & Trinity - Celebration of Life's ILLZ

Posted by Justin Gillespie on Aug 10

A newcomer to the A3C Festival this year is Neak, a hip hop artist from Chicago who represents for a majority of artists from the Midwest who are strictly dedicated to lyricism.

Neak has been hard at work in the lab, cooking up 2 EPs as part of his Love Greater/The Prequel project that will be released soon - the first produced by fellow Chicagoan in Slot-A for Neak's and his second will be produced exclusively by Rashid Hadee will be coming out later this year.

Check out this new track from Neak featuring GLC and Trinity which will be featured on his upcoming Love Greater/The Prequel EP and stay tuned for more coming from the Chicago rapper.

Justin Gillespie

Written by Justin Gillespie

Topics: a3c, News, Neak, Artist, Trinity, Chicago, GLC

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