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L.atasha A.lcindor - Lala Land (Prod. by Shaun G) (New Music)

Posted by Obese on Apr 3


L.atasha A.lcindor gives us another one! As she describes it...

A melodic poem through L.atasha A.lcindor 's thoughts in finding freedom out of herself and the world. With the lyricism and soothing flow, L.A. would like to introduce you to creative horizons. With an upcoming album, LALytes: Revelations of L.ife A.ddict coming into blossom this spring, L.A. is excited to share her world in hopes to change it. Enjoy Lala Land and look out for a bunch of free-bie tracks coming out from L.A. every other Tuesday before LALytes drops.


Written by Obese

Topics: News, L.atasha A.lcindor

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