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Kato's New T.I.M.E. Mixtape featuring A3C 2011 Performers

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Jun 16

After pushing the release date back a couple days (possibly for heavy anticipation), all the goods behind Atlanta-based producer Kato's T.I.M.E. mixtape series finally dropped.

Included in the third volume of work is a lot of Atlanta's best new artists, plus some of the A3C performers announced earlier this week. Aleon Craft and Boog Brown are two who feature on one blazing track called "I Still Love Her (featuring Phil Ade)" who are scheduled to perform at this year's A3C, but be sure to check out all the other tracks featuring Jarren Benton, Kaleena from Diddy-Dirty Money, and A3C 2010 alum Mistah Fab.

Check it out on Kato's bandcamp by clicking here!

The Blog Team

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