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Hex Murda Interview with Culture VI

Posted by Andy Pitre on Mar 26


I read this today on 2DB (via Culture VI), about how Hex Murda has been living and surviving after the massive stroke he suffered in September 2009, shortly before the A3C. Little known fact, Hex was at both the A3C 2007 (with Black Milk) and 2008 (with Guilty Simpson). I hadn't heard anything form Hex in a while so it was great to see this writeup.

A nice gem from the article:

"BlackMilk is the best producer/rapper alive. DannyBrown is better than whoever the fuck is on XXL’s Freshman 10. My niggas are the best. Our ExtendedFam is the best. SeanPrice is a monster. RasKass made half these niggas wanna rap. BishopLamont’s ear for beats and song structure is unmatched. Royce da 5′9 is a fucking terrorist on the mic. Like PhatKat, PharoaheMonch is an incrediible veteran MC,& Jay Electronica is just beginning to shit on niggas lives."

Read the story in 2DopeBoyz

Read more about Hex in Real Detroit Weekly

Andy Pitre

Written by Andy Pitre

Topics: Black Milk, News, Guilty Simpson, Hex Murda

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