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Free Tickets - Devin the Dude @ Apache Cafe 5.25

Posted by Brian Knott on May 18


At A3C 2009 our good friends at Speakeasy Promotions brought you People Under the Stairs and while A3C is only 3 days a year the guys over at Speakeasy bring Atlanta great shows the other 362. They blessed us with a pair of tickets to giveaway for the upcoming Devin the Dude show at Apache. If you were in the spot last time Devin was here you know it was wild and this one promises to be more of the same. Hit us with your favorite Devin track (include your government name for the list) and we'll enter you to win tickets.

The show line-up looks like this:

Devin the Dude
w/ The Coughee Brothaz
DJ Dug Boogie
BFD Band

The opening act is a posse cut smoke song created specifically for the event featuring 4ize, Headkrack, DT, Rock Most, Ethereal, The Nice Guise, and Methuzulah.

$15 in Advance.

Brian Knott

Written by Brian Knott

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