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Esoteric (A3C Artist Spotlight)

Posted by Lauren Lo on Aug 8

Esoteric started out as a DJ for a college radio station's Hip Hop show in Boston. This is where he met and teamed up with 7L in 1993 and they rocked for years putting out some pretty timeless music in the underground scene. Eso decided to venture off on his own back in 2007, debuting his first solo project Egoclapper. The Boston native has put out many projects since then and has even seen success by linking back up with Wu-Tang Clansmen Inspectah Deck. His wordplay has become something of lure down below the surface, and he hasn't shown signs of slowing as the years go on. You can catch him eating mics at A3C 2013.

Lauren Lo

Written by Lauren Lo

Topics: Esoteric, News, A3C (Artist Spotlight)

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