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"Egypt Through The Glass Shop" Movie Trailer presented by Amalgam Digital

Posted by Lucien Wall on Oct 9

“Egypt Through The Glass Shop” – A film by Anyextee

DJ Next, the visionary CEO behind pioneering Hip Hop label Amalgam Digital, branches into filmmaking under the moniker Anyextee. He travels to Cairo, Egypt and delivers a powerful first-hand account of the Egyptian Revolution--an event which provided crucial inspiration to the Occupy movement begun in New York.

The film is experienced through the journey of a young entrepreneur and talented glass blower who set up a shop and, using new techniques, provide an update to the original method of glass blowing. Before long, they find themselves trapped in the country during the civil unrest that sparked the Arab Spring. After his business partner is hit in the head with a rock, the glass blower's shop falls into disarray and he finds himself displaced from the enterprise. A year later, he returns with Next to reclaim his life’s work. A compelling story of challenge, change, and triumph, “Egypt Through The Glass Shop” not only tells the story of the revolution of a country in turmoil, but also of the revolution of an entire cultural art form. A cult classic is born.

Don't forget to check out the screening happening Thursday, Oct 11th at the A3C Film Festival

Lucien Wall

Written by Lucien Wall

Topics: News, movie screening, DJ Next, Amalgam Digital, A3c Film Festival

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