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DJ RaSyrious

Posted by ConstantlyCandace on Mar 21

As the music continued to blend and the camera started rolling. Magnum O gave their shout outs and L Magnificent TyDJ RaSyrious said, “Yo DJ RaSyrious is Hip Hop,” - Prince said, “Word, Rasyrious is the truth.” I knew she was dope from the last time she spun on the show, but hearing two Hip Hop greats give props live on air, certified to the world that DJ RaSyrious was “true Hip Hop.”

DJ RaSyrious recently spun at the Dark Orange Party & Queens of The Mic CD Release event.

Catch her Tuesdays at the live broadcast of the Relationships & Other Weird Stuff Show at iLounge Atlanta - 1287 Glenwood Ave. Atlanta, GA 30316 in the East Atlanta Village . The broadcast begins at 8pm and the party begins at 10pm.

Tomorrow’s guests (3/22/2011) are A.Leon Craft & Screenwriters Rahiem Shabazz and Christal Jordan.

For more information visit http.//otherweirdstuff.com.


Written by ConstantlyCandace

Topics: News

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