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Dillon Cooper Murders A3C Debut At The Highland Ballroom (VIDEO)

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Oct 13

Showcase: Amalgam Digital at Highland Ballroom

How would you describe his sound: Imagine if Crispy Bacon Could Rap

So, I'm chilling at the Highland Ballroom, not in the best of moods. The sound issues were getting to me; sorry I just love my live A3C performances and I need them all to be perfect. A few of the acts are trying to get it together but you can tell they didn't drive over 18 hours to be frustrated on stages like "Okay so which one is the broken mic again?". One rapper told jokes on stage, No Gambino. Then, this kid Dillon 'Who?' Cooper takes the stage. Now, ordinarily I would have kept my camera pointed at the floor, but it was like Rap God put his hand on my shoulder and said..."Son, you gone get this work!! Start shooting!!!!!". Understand, when the Rap God speaks, I listen. I hoisted up the camera like Thor at his mightiest hanging photos of him and his Avenger friends, and hit record. And....well...I'll just let the video below speak for itself. WM40A #ImOut. Shout out to Brooklyn.

The Blog Team

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