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Style Village Vendor: Cult Classic Goods

Posted by Obese on Sep 25


Cult Classic Goods is a brand started in 2012 representing clean yet iconic streetwear style. Ever CCG piece has a message, and whether that message is cult-like, often pulpy imagery or rather pure irony, Cult Classic continues to invigorate life into the Philadelphia fashion scene and beyond. Having grown considerably in their one year of existence, the brand has made a name for itself through quality clothing and goods, clever marketing via wheatpaste campaigns, and by way of throwing lavish parties including both classy, in-store releases and insane all-night warehouse events. With support from figures in the Philly hip hop scene like DJ Damage, Jahlil Beats, Theodore Grams, and DJ Sliink to the respect of the city's skate and BMX scenes like their collaboration with BMX brand Chocolate Truck, Cult Classic Goods is a brand whose vision cannot be denied no matter the circle of influence. In growing the future of the brand, one mantra will always be repeated: Think. Dream. Become.

Visit: http://cultclassicgoods.com/

Look for Cult Classic Goods as one of the Style Village Vendors!


Written by Obese

Topics: News, Cult Classic Goods

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