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B.o.B. discusses future, mentions Broadway and Talk Shows

Posted by RebekahBaldwin on Mar 19


Like most major rappers of our time, B.o.B doesn't plan to just record and tour for the rest of his career. When talking with XXLMag.com, the Grand Hustle MC revealed his plans for a Broadway version of his debut LP and possibly a TV stint.

Says B.o.B:

"I definitely want to do a show [on] Broadway but call it like ‘The Adventures of Bobby Ray’ …do every song from the album but Broadway style, like we act a scene and it goes into a song.”

The A3C alum also mentioned the prospect of becoming a talk show host on the small screen like Steve Harvey.

Look for the much anticipated, The Adventures of Bobby Ray, on April 27.


Written by RebekahBaldwin

Topics: News, XXL, Grand Hustle, The Adventures of Bobby Ray

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