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ANTHM (A3C Artist Spotlight)

Posted by Lauren Lo on Aug 4

Who would of thought that Duke University would be where ANTHM would discover his love for rhyming. What started out as poetry and spoken word turned into what we now know to be ANTHM's flow. After graduating school, ANTHM put his music dreams on hold and pursued a career as a trader at a Wall St firm. The main reason he did this was to help out his family, but funny enough it is also what brought him to Manhattan. Being backed by his Wall St. mentor and friend DG, he eventually turned to purusue music full time, leaving his trading life behind. With his focus now on his passion, ANTHM looks to make a splash in the game and leave a mark. His most recent projects and videos sure are a great start. Find out more about ANTHM in our interview with him and be sure not to miss the budding star at A3C this year.

Lauren Lo

Written by Lauren Lo

Topics: News, A3C (Artist Spotlight), ANTHM

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