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Adrift Da Belle Video Première - Cheba Cheba (ft. Methuzulah)

Posted by LuisReyes on Oct 4
Adrift Da Belle Video Première - Cheba Cheba (ft. Methuzulah)

Atlanta, GA, October 4, 2010 – Adrift Da Belle (THE OTHER FEMALE MC) prepares for the release of a candid, music video for the ATL underground smash hit Cheba Cheba. Cheba the song features Hip Hop veteran Methuzulah (formerly Mojo Swagger) and production by Illastrate. Cheba the video shows a lighter side of the ATL Underground Hip Hop community with humorous cameos from some of Atlanta’s most popular indie artists. Both Methuzulah and Adrift hold their own on the track, reminding naysayers of how true to their artistry they are, while visually making light of themselves for viewer entertainment.

Per Adrift, she and director Will Feagins Jr. (of High Impact Multimedia) did not want to create another predictable rap video.

“The entire project [Garden State Parkway (The Album)] is different. I’m not a typical Hip Hop artist and I wanted the video to reflect that. I wanted ATL underground fans to see how much we enjoy our craft and appreciate their support. I didn’t want to give them the typical hip hop video fare…riding in a car, rapping into the camera.”

Cheba Cheba’s release comes as a natural progression for Adrift. The “Garden State Great” successfully released her sophomore album earlier this year and its first single Can U Feel It garnered critical acclaim. Cheba Cheba, its second single, began to grow wings early this summer after being featured on several mixtapes and indie radio shows, such as DJ Rasta Root’s Face Off Friday Promo Mix and Jayforce’s Beats and Lyrics Radio Show.
Garden State Parkway (The Album) is currently available on ITunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, Zune and other Internet music retailers.

Adrift Da Belle is an Atlanta based indie artist and Dungeoneze member. She is known to most underground ATL Hip Hop heads as Driftee. Adrift was born in Georgia and raised in East Orange and Newark, New Jersey. Since her arrival Adrift has established herself as a musical force to be reckoned with. Adrift is best known for her passionate performances, distinctly sweet voice, and clever wordplay. Adrift will be performing at the Eastside Lounge on 10/5/10 for the Cheba Cheba video premiere, as well as the A3C’s Women in Hip Hop Showcase on Thursday 10/7/10.

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Written by LuisReyes

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