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A3C x Tech Talk: Talib Kweli + Dante Ross: How Technology Has Affected Artist Branding

Posted by Erin on Sep 25

A3CxTECH Flyer

As the third event of the A3C x Tech series, Dante Ross and Talib Kweli will be discussing how technology has affecting artist branding. This event takes place Saturday, at 5PM, at the Melia Hotel.

"With almost 20 years of professional experience in music, Talib Kweli is more than just a notable Hip Hop MC... he is an iconic Hip Hop brand. Known for being lyrically-gifted, socially aware and politically insightful...Kweli has always utilized a non-traditional branding approach with his creative outlets. Kweli will bring a strong and honest artist perspective to this xTALK, having dealt with various brands throughout the years.

Dante Ross has been recognized as one of the most influential and innovative A&Rs in the history of Hip Hop. Having built brands for notable artists like De La Soul, ODB and Busta Rhymes... Ross is very familiar with the branding process. His career in music started in the late 1980s, when technology and digital did not have a huge affect on music brand-building... however, over the years, he has harnessed the raw power of the internet age and remained relevant. Dante gets "it".

These two experts will discuss how technology has affected artist branding... both having extensive experience in the music business, they will be able to tell stories how the game has changed"


Written by Erin

Topics: A3C x Tech, News, Dante Ross, Talib Kweli

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