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A3C x Tech Series - Jermaine Dupri & James Andrews Talk Industry Slaves, Ghetto Analytics, Music, and Technology (Video)

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Oct 17


A3C 2013 is nothing short of diverse in the amount of events you'll be able to attend this year. From Films to the obvious hailed stage performances, to the producer expo at SAE and the discussion panels at Melia, there is never a dull moment or even one lacking networking and music education opportunities. To prove this, A3C opened up the event with a panel about the overlap in music and technology. It was hosted by James Andrews and featured Jermaine Dupri in all his rawness discussing topics such as ghetto analytics, the Kanye interview, artists on youtube, 360 deals, album leaks, and more.

If you missed this series, don't sweat it, you can catch all JD's gems right here.

JD Speaks on The Kanye West Interview

Jermaine & James Andrew Speak on 360 Deals

Jermaine Dupri Speaks on Living in the Past and Gettin' Paid like GTA5

Jermaine Explains the concept of "Ghetto Analytics"

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