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A3C Perfect Attendance Artist Spotlight: Jasmine Solano

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Oct 1

As most of you know, Jasmine Solano is a force to be reckoned with. I call her DOPEsauce lolol. Jasmine Solano has made her way into the industry not only as a DJ but as an MC as well! Many of you may be familiar with her from when she toured with Wiz Khalifa this past Spring on his Deal or No Deal tour. Jasmine knows how to interact with a crowd, & get a party going! She recently released her single "That's Not It" & came out with a female collab tee with known brand, Married to the MOB. She is someone I look up to personally. Shes come a long way from where she started back in Philly. Jasmine even has her own parties in the NY area by the name of Electric Punanny along with another dope DJ, Melo-X. Jasmine has just been making moves after moves. She'll be performing this year at A3C on the Perfect Attendance Stage Eastcoast Night October 9th! Hit the jump to read our 6 question interview & find out a bit more..

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The Blog Team

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