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A3C Perfect Attendance Artist Spotlight: El Prez

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Sep 24

El Prez is another Inglewood, California native on the come up! This guy is my dude right here! You want a show, you get it from him! With his latest project Animal Style creating alot of buzz, Prez has been featured on BET The Deal as well as many shows this past summer along the California coast. He is also in a trio group called the Treehouse Club which they recently released an EP titled Red Eye Flights. So you see, Prez is on the move with the music! He's a go-getter for sure! This new west movement is getting pretty serious.. hit the jump for 5 quick questions with El Prez and Catch him performing on the Perfect Attendance Stage Westcoast Night October 7th!

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The Blog Team

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