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A3C Alumni: Jarren Benton "My Grandmas Basement" Tour

Posted by Jake Mayo on Jun 12

In light of the 2014 XXL Freshman cover and celebrating the alumni of A3C, we caught up with one of Funk Volume’s standouts, Jarren Benton, before being named a Freshman, on his 2013 “My Grandmas Basement” Tour. Jarren’s notoriety and come up has been a steady process, but from his quirky lyricism to his inimitable performing prowess, his rise to mainstream success was all but inevitable. Jarren Benton possesses a likable and relatable nature that instantly connects with his fans, and his music, well that speaks for itself. Here’s the trailer from his show in Virginia on his journey from the basement to the cover.


Jake Mayo

Written by Jake Mayo

Topics: News, My Grandma's Basement Tour, A3C Festival, XXL Freshman 2014, A3C Alum, Jarren Benton, funk volume

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