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A3C Album Release: Clear Soul Forces “The Departure”

Posted by Andy Pitre on Oct 7

Make sure to check out this A3C Artist album that's Dropping during the A3C and don't forget to catch them performing live tonight!

Coming from a city like Detroit, one always has dreams of getting away. It’s not because we don’t appreciate our upbringing, it’s because we realize very early on that the world is bigger than just the Motor City. That’s what “The Departure” is all about.

It’s a thematic EP that celebrates our exodus from Detroit into the world as artists. As you listen, you are musically taken from the bouncy nighttime streets of L.A. on “Red Light,” to the video game inspired surroundings of Tokyo’s Shibuya District on “Pick Up The Sticks,” back along the smooth ocean battered shores of Miami’s South Beach strip. But the journey is different for each person, so take a listen and just go… Come to the A3C and catch Clear Soul Forces Thursday 10/07 performing at 8:30pm on the JakPrints stage at the Masquerade.

Free Downloads Available on the Clear Soul Forces bandcamp page


Andy Pitre

Written by Andy Pitre

Topics: News, clear soul forces, A3C Update, 2010

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