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9th Wonder (A3C Artist Spotlight)

Posted by Erin on Jul 23


From producer to label head, DJ to rapper, professor to activist, and of course, Grammy Award winner, the accolades for this artist are endless. 9th Wonder has captured our ears and minds for over 10 years, working with R&B artists and rappers alike, and continues to maintain his relevance in the hip-hop community. Between the collaborative albums, his own solo work and the notion of doing remix albums (i.e. Black American Gangster - Jay-Z), 9th has paved the way for every producer's dream. With his most recent venture Jamla Records making waves with artists like GQ And Rapsody (who are also performing at A3C 2013), 9th's legacy in hip-hop continues to develop and grow every year.


Written by Erin

Topics: News, A3C (Artist Spotlight), 9th wonder, Jamla Records

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