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2010 A3C Artist Spotlight: Hezekiah

Mike Walbert
Posted by Mike Walbert on Oct 5

Hezekiah is performing on Saturday, Oct 9th on the Jakprints stage @ 10:15pm

From the man’s whose scrappy come up began in ‘93 with the legendary Roots crew, Hezekiah is the evolution of conscious rap, if with hood sensibilities. The urban sounds of Conscious Porn are in the vein of Beanie Segal and Native Tongues, even a dash of NWA can be found salting Hezekiah’s musical cauldron. This mystical hip hop revolutionary is coming hard with Conscious Porn to claim the hearts and souls of all hip hop heads for a noble cause: the liberation of self, family, culture, and community.

A movement maker, Hezekiah’s also the director and founder of the Beat Society, a producer collective and interactive experience (www.beatsociety.com) that gives a much needed spotlight to hungry indie producers with that Midas touch. It’s a touch Hezekiah’s given to others time and again, now there is no more “hurry up” only to have to wait for his moment to shine; the wait is over. More than an artist, a producer, a director, a founder, a leader, a future Grammy winner, the father of Conscious Porn, Hezekiah is the truth whose time has finally come and this time all will know him.


Mike Walbert

Written by Mike Walbert

Mike Walbert is the Executive Director of the A3C Festival & Conference. As as partner in the business Mike oversees various aspects of the business, including: Business Development, Sponsorship, Branding and Marketing. Mike officially joined A3C in 2009 as the Artist Director. Since 2010 Mike has managed the strategy and team that have grown A3C from a regional showcase to an internationally recognized institution in hip-hop culture.

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