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SPOTLIGHT:Needle 2 The Record Judge>>>DJ SCRATCH

Posted by Meedy Mek on Oct 6

DJ Scratch:

1988 New Music Seminar Battle For World Supremacy DJ Champion 3 Time Grammy Nominated Multi Platinum Producer

3rd Member Of The Legendary Group EPMD

Grammy Nominated Producer, World Supremacy Champion Turntablist, EPMD's star DJ, man behind the live shows of P Diddy and Q Tip... DJ Scratch is one of the rare figures in the world of Hip Hop whose claim to the term "Legendary" is accurate. Picked up for tour support duties by Run DMC after his victory at the New Music Seminar in 1988, and subsequently signed to the ranks of EPMD, Scratch's career has brought him into contact with every name in big-time Hip Hop. Busta Rhymes, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Wu-Tang Clan, LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, Redman, Talib Kweli, DMX, The Roots... Think of a platinum Hip Hop name, and you'll find a DJ Scratch contribution in their catalog. When you see the hockey mask... Know that you're watching a routine made famous by one of the true Legends of Modern Black Music.

DJ Scratch was honored in The Source Magazine as a Hip Hop Icon. Scratch is the man who provided the flamboyance to EPMD, Jay Z and now P Diddy's stage shows. Throughout the years with EPMD, Scratch drove audiences into frenzies with visual and technical routines far beyond mortal DJs. One of his most famous routines is cutting Big Daddy Kane's "Friday the 13th Imma Play Jason" line as he emerges from beneath the turntable set wearing a hockey mask. Various DJ routines & turntable tricks created by Scratch over the past 20 years are still being duplicated by concert & Battle DJs today.

Shortly after winning the New Music Seminar Battle for World Supremacy DJ Championship in 1988, he joined the RUN DMC “Run's House World Tour.” Befriended by the late Jam Master Jay (“JMJ”) of RUN DMC, JMJ mentored Scratch & converted him from a raw battle DJ to an all around performer & showman. In exchange, Scratch taught JMJ DJ solos that he performed in RUN DMC shows ever since. When the tour ended, JMJ recommended Scratch to EPMD, who needed a DJ with flair. After EPMD witnessed the DJ phenomenon do tricks at their first show, they hired Scratch on the spot. The rest is history.
Scratch is currently the Resident DJ for "Hip Hop Hold 'Em", which airs every Saturday at midnight on The CW Network in New York City and on other networks in over 70 markets throughout the U.S. He was also the Resident DJ for two other nationally aired TV Shows; Fox 5's “Uptown Comedy Club" and B.E.T.'s "Rap City, The Basement". Scratch’s film credits include "Juice", "The Original 50 Cent", "Backstage", "Fly By Night”, "Rhyme & Reason" and Spike Lee's controversial film "Bamboozled”. In addition, Coca Cola commissioned Scratch to produce & feature in their first DJ commercial, "3 DJs”.

Having mastered the art of DJing, Scratch started to pursue his second love, producing. He has produced such hits as the New York Anthem "NY Shit" by Busta Rhymes, EPMD's "Rampage", LL Cool J's "Ill Bomb", 50 Cent's "50 Shot Ya", and a long list of hip hop classics. Scratch's accolades include the 3 Grammy nominations and over 40 Gold and Platinum Awards to his credit which makes DJ Scratch responsible for the sale of over 30 million albums to date. Scratch has always preached to the new generation of DJs that in order to become a complete DJ, you must "crawl before you walk”. Therefore, a DJ must learn to mix & blend before you learn to scratch and cut. By learning in this order, you will have the ability to master all sectors of DJing.
DJ Scratch Set Live (from EPMD Reunion Show in NYC)

DJ Scratch also has his own website where he broadcasts live from his studio. The show includes DJ jamming sessions featuring DJ Scratch and his assistants Crazy Toy Lady and DJ Mocha. He also allows viewers in the chat room to display themselves on a web-cam connected to a multi-screen and takes in requests for certain songs to be played or to answer personal questions about hip hop. The site is dedicated to all his fans and is free to everyone who visits. Special guests that have made an appearance on his show include Q-Tip, DJ Premier, Eric Sermon & Parrish Smith, Redman, DJ Clark Kent, Kid Capri and more.

DJ Scratch also appeared on the Backspin, DJ Spinderella's Syndicated Show and made several appearances on the thebackspin.com's U-Stream show displaying his mastery over turntablism and was the special surprise guest for thebackspin.com's maiden show.

DJ Scratch Quick Facts:

  • 1988 New Music Seminar Battle For World Supremacy DJ Champion
  • 3 Time Grammy Nominated Multi Platinum Producer
  • 3rd Member Of The Legendary Group EPMD
Meedy Mek

Written by Meedy Mek

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