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Red Bull Soundclash | The Roots v. Shiny Toy Guns

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Nov 16

Over the years Red Bull has consistently produced quality shows spotlighting many genres of music. When I learned that The Roots was one of the bands which would be competing in the upcoming Atlanta edition of Soundclash I knew that this was a show that I had to cover. Shiny Toy Guns, an indie rock band from Los Angeles would be competing against The Roots in this ”unique clash of sounds, styles and creativity”.

Soundclash consisted of a series of four rounds. The bands perform various tasks—some rehearsed, some improvised—to showcase the range of their musical abilities.

The Cover – This round will feature each band playing their own take on the same cover song
The Takeover- A collaborative round where one band will start to play one of their original tunes and the other band will have to take over the second half on cue and finish it in their own style, and vice versa
The Clash – This will challenge the band’s versatility as they’ll have to adapt their songs to the music genre the DJ is spinning
The Wild Card – Each band will pick an artist of their choice to join them on stage and be a part of the performance

As expected, the event had quickly sold out. Sunday evening when I arrived at the Tabernacle there were already lines both at the door and at will call. I received my ticket and proceeded into the venue. There was seating on both balconies and standing room only on the main floor. As I entered a dj was spinning selections from various genres of music which blended well. He later really got the crowd hyped by playing some classic hip hop and also with a little call and response of ..The Roof…The Roof is on fire…….

I have attended several concerts at the Tabernacle, but this was the first time I saw it set up with two stages with the crowd sandwiched in between. As a photographer this created good vantage point depending on which side you were on. Initially most of the crowd was closer to the stage on which we knew the Roots would perform. There was the signature sousaphone which was a dead giveaway. The crowd was a mixed crowd who obviously loves good music.

The host welcomed the crowd and explained how the evening would go. Shortly afterward The Roots strolled onto the stage and the crowd erupted. They took their places on stage and performed a couple of their songs. When they finished the lights came down on the stage. The host introduced Shiny Toy Guns and the crowed erupted again. It was really cool to see that both bands were so well received.

The bands went at it for four rounds. Special guest Hip hop artist Yelawolf joined the Roots on stage to perform one of his songs. Black Thought provided supporting vocals. At the end of the show the members of Shiny Toy Guns joined The Roots on stage. I even saw one of the members of Shiny Toy Guns take over on the keys as the Roots performed one final song. The Roots still rule and thankfully continue to create and share their jazzy approach to hip hop with the world.

Kudos to Red Bull! Soundclash was a refreshing musical experience. A wonderful showcase of musicianship and comradery.

Photos: Carolyn Grady | Rhythmic Images Photography

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