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Red Bull 45's A3C Edition

Posted by LuisReyes on Sep 30

The same as they have done in years past, Red Bull once again comes through and holds down A3C, this year with The Red Bull 45's A3C Edition. If special performances by Rob Swift and DJ Scratch would fill your quota for a good night out, then prepare to cram a weeks worth of vinyl into a one-night schedule because on this occasion it'll be the aforementioned artists, plus on the battlefront it'll be DJ Evil D, Rhettmatic, Applejac, and Diamond D!

I know what you're thinking, just click here for tickets.


Written by LuisReyes

Topics: Featured, and Diamond D, DJ Evil D, News, Applejac, Rob Swift, DJ Scratch, Red Bull 45's A3C Edition, A3C Update, Rhettmatic

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