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My A3C: ForteBowie (Interview)

Posted by Lauren Lo on Jul 14


We set aside some time with A3C Alumni and Atlanta native ForteBowie to play a game of catch up to see what he has been up to. He touched base on his recent travels, what A3C means to him, André 3000 and more! Check it out below.

Last time we saw you was in October, how have you been and what has life been like since the festival?

Since A3C last year, I’ve just been traveling a lot. I hit LA for the first time for Grammy week and I’ve been back and forth ever since, just collaborating with other creators on a lot of things. I really got some songwriting and producing things of the ground with other artist and I just overall been busy and growing. Focusing on my brand.

How many years have you been attending A3C?

2014 will be my 4th year attending A3C. It seems like just yesterday I was the kid at my first A3C with no shows, getting pushed out a cypher for waiting too long for the beat to drop. Lol.

What stage were you on at A3C and how did it come about?

I believe the first stage I had as ForteBowie was Perfect Attendance. Fadia Kader really looked out and gave me that shot.

Were you surprised at how many people knew your music at A3C?

Yes. This past year was crazy. At the Melia hotel, which is the hub for the festival, people bombarded me and my home girl Es everyday. People just kept telling us that they loved what we were doing.

What is it like being an Artist and attending the Festival that started in your backyard?

It feels great because it’s right up the street and everyone has to come to see us. I do a lot of traveling so it’s good to do something at home and see all of your friends and peers in this profession at your normal hangout sopts.

What was your reaction when Andre 3000 told you he was a fan of your music?

Man. I was shocked. At first, I thought he was just trying to tell me some shit. Lol. But I could see in his eyes that he really meant it and really listened to my whole project. We just had a nice conversation about Prince and just music after that and how it’s supposed to impact the people.

Where have you traveled outside of ATL this past year for shows?

I’ve been to NY, London, DC, Philly, Cleveland, Miami, Chicago, Austin, Nashville, etc. So many places to name. I really can’t wait to start doing more shows on the West

What are you currently working on and what can we expect from ForteBowie for the rest of 2014?

I’m trying to decide on what to give the people at this moment.

Will you be attendting A3C this year for our 10th anniversary in October?

I definitely will be in attendance. A3C has been very important for my career.

What is your advice for someone attending A3C for the first time this year?

Find a friend that has the whip, bring water with you, go to every and any show that I’m on. That’s it.

What would you say sets A3C apart from other festivals?

A3C really seems like it’s still focusing on the basics. They still believe in the elements and roots of hip-hop, while still engaging the new era of artist, music and technology.

What does an event like A3C mean to an artist like yourself?

Another opportunity to network (really network, not just take a number down and not do anything with it), a great place to see other rising talent and just a nice time to chill because the weather is always cool around this time.

Find ForteBowie Here: Twitter | Soundcloud | Facebook | Bandcamp

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Written by Lauren Lo

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