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Help Put the A in Austin Fundraiser

Posted by Brian Knott on Mar 5


It is with a massive amount of respect for the undertaking that these folks are taking on trying to take all these artists to Austin to do this show that I put this post up. Events like SXSW (and A3C for that matter) are more often than not put on with a tremendous amount of time, energy, effort, patience, and frankly as a financial loss to those who put in that effort. Having Atlanta represented in Austin this Spring is something that is vital to raising the visibility of our scene nationally and goes a long way to helping a lot of Atlanta's best kept secrets become a little less "secret". Break into your pockets and come out to this show. If you are an artist based in Atlanta these cats being successful in Austin is important to you in ways that you probably don't immediately understand. This is huge opportunity for our community and I hope that we can all get behind it next week and show out. I know that I am a notorious hibernator this time of year and even I will peel myself out of my office and away from my normal Friday night chill to get out and support something that helps bring attention to the amazing talent that this city produces.

Brian Knott

Written by Brian Knott

Topics: Featured, Hip Hop, a3c, smka, News, sxsw 2010, fadia kader

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