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A3C Style Interview: Leo Kau of Good Wood NYC

Posted by Nathan on Aug 11

leo kau (Good Wood)


We recently sat down with with Leo Kau, co-owner of Good Wood NYC The Originators of the wood accessory game & creators of this year's A3C Woodallion, for our version of 21 questions (Well 10 questions since it is our 10th Year Anniversary)

Question 1: Why partner with A3C & A3C Style?

We've worked with you for the past few years with some promo products and learned that there is so much overlap between your attendees and our fanbase we'd be foolish not to! Plus we could not pass up the chance to meet the premiere artists and taste-makers in our industry.

Question 2: What artists are you looking forward to seeing this year?

Juvenile & Mystikal, and I heard my boy J Period was going to guest DJ with the Roots!!

Question 3: If you could have a stage at A3C with any Hip-Hop artists past or present, what would be the lineup?

In no particular order: Biggie, Biggie and Biggie.

Question 4: Favorite Hip-Hop producer?

Pharell - his fingerprint is so unique and fresh you just have to be down with it

Question 5: Favorite Hip-Hop artist?

Biggie... did I mention I am a NYC native and our offices are in Brooklyn?

Question 6: Favorite Hip-Hop song?

You're probably expecting a Biggie track of which there are many I could choose from, but I am going to switch it up and go with "I Got Cha Money" by ODB. I am a CFO afterall.

Question 7: Over the years you've worked with many Hip-Hop artists, what is your favorite collaboration to date? & who do you look forward to working with?

Great Question! My favorite collaboration thus far would have to be with Stalley from MMG. Stalley is one of the most humble artists that i have ever met. In regards to who i look forward to working with? I would have to say, DJ Paul & The Mafia 6! They are one of the original pioneers of the Southern Hip Hop scene!

Question 8: Thoughts on the changes of Hip-Hop throughout the years?

I love the Hip-Hop that I grew up with. Whether it was Biggie, Pac, Wu or Nas I loved it. But change is change, it's going to happen no matter what - I think it's human nature that you remember things from your childhood fondly. I can see the appeal of the new stuff, and I think as long as there are artists who approach their trade with integrity, there will always be a place for Hip-Hop in my heart.

Question 9: What does Hip-Hop mean to you?

Freedom.. it's the only music that I dance to at a club. You want me to go clubbing? There better be Hip-Hop. There is an edge and a realness to the music that makes you just want to move your body - makes you feel alive. Also, based on my research, it's the only type of music that gets all the ladies on the dance floor.

Question 10: Last but not least, What does A3C stand for?

My Marketing Director just peaked over my shoulder and told me... All Three Coasts! Does that count as cheating?


Written by Nathan

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