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Women In Charge Kicks Off with The Mayor’s Brunch Featuring Keisha Lance Bottoms

Courtney Miller
Posted by Courtney Miller on Oct 4


photo by DV Photo & Video

Thursday’s Women In Charge programming series kicked off with The Mayor’s Brunch featuring a conversation with Atlanta Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms and moderated by pop culture journalist, Rembert Browne. Covering a variety of topics, the brunch continued the conference's theme of celebrating Atlanta natives.

While brief, Browne hosted the intimate conversation in which Bottoms reflected on her roots in Southwest Atlanta and how her background aids in her empathy towards the native people of Atlanta that are affected the most by all of the city’s current changes. In reflecting on Atlanta as a cultural hub where many people continue to either relocate or return home, Bottoms emphasized promises and focal points from her campaign to make Atlanta an affordable place for the native people that continue to face displacement and disenfranchisement.


photo by DV Photo & Video

With Bottoms referring to Atlanta as the city that gives “everybody a chance to succeed [in a variety of] career fields,” Browne discussed how the current influx in the entertainment, specifically music and film industries will continue to push Atlanta to the forefront of culture. Bottoms’ closing remarks left the room with a standing ovation after emphasizing the importance of November’s upcoming nationwide election and how the pending election season is arguably considered to be “one of the most important elections our country has seen and will see for a very long time.”


photo by DV Photo & Video

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