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Wifisfuneral Releases New Mixtape, 'Boy Who Cried Wolf'

Sierra Brown
Posted by Sierra Brown on Aug 1


Wifisfuneral is back with a new project, Boy Who Cried Wolf.  Released on Soundcloud late Monday night, the 15-track mixtape has a few features with a big chunk of it produced by Cris Dinero.

The Palm Beach, Fla. native teased us with “JoeBuddenProbablyThinksICantRap :(,” “Lil Jeff Hardy >:-)” and “Pop” over the last couple of months before releasing the entire project, according to XXL.

Stream the new mixtape below.

Sierra Brown

Written by Sierra Brown

Sierra Brown is a multimedia journalist from Atlanta, Ga., covering music and pop culture.

Topics: New Music, A3C Festival, Wifisfuneral

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