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Shooting Without Bullets' Success Since The 2016 A3C Action Pitch Competition

Civonne Ray
Posted by Civonne Ray on May 25


Substantial business development, a hefty award and VIP access to see Bone Thugs N’ Harmony were just the start of accolades Shooting Without Bullets received when awarded second place at the A3C Action Pitch Contest last year. The organization is a youth activism program that allows teens in Cleveland, Ohio to take the community's social injustices and turn them into photography for social revolution.  We were able to catch up with them since winning the A3C Action’s Peoples Choice Award to see how it's been a catalyst for their new exciting endeavors.

 According to Creative Director Amanda King, "It's been a magnificent trek for Shooting Without Bullets. We produced a documentary entitled UNDEREXPOSED which chronicles the lives of ten teen artists involved in Shooting Without Bullets and their process of self-discovery, art making and advocacy in Cleveland. It’s been really well received and we plan to screen it nationwide." 

In addition to premiering their documentary in April, Shooting Without Bullets has hosted several pop-up art exhibits for teens in their program to showcase their expressive art and have open dialogue.  Their art aptly transforms any negative energy into positive empowerment for the Cleveland community.  Thousands of people have visited the exhibitions and they are currently booked through 2018!


 “We are very proud of the national interest in our documentary, UNDEREXPOSED. It serves as a powerful educational tool to bring visibility to the experiences of black and brown teens in Cleveland.  Since attending A3C, the young people Shooting Without Bullets have become the talk of the City.  It’s pretty surreal," Amanda said.

This year, the organization is looking forward to leading a massive revitalization of youth culture for Cleveland in hopes to provide a creative platform for young people to process the complex vicissitudes they face. Creative Director, Amanda, recently graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Law and is working on expanding the program across the country. Their reality may not have always been bright, yet their futire is looking picture perfect!

 To host a screening, donate or learn more about Shooting Without Bullets, visit www.ShootingWithoutBullets.org or follow them on Instagram @ShootingWithoutBullets 

Applications for the 3rd annual A3C Action Pitch Competition are now open!
Apply Here

A national competition to find, support, and invest in new, innovative ideas that use art, music and hip-hop culture as a vehicle to advance social justice and civic engagement. A3C Action Pitch Competition amplifies creative projects to increase the number of creatives at the problem-solving table.

5-7 finalists are brought to Atlanta and provided with intensive training and mentoring prior to pitching their ideas to a diverse panel of judges.

The final pitch is on Friday, Oct 6th at the Action Summit

A3C Action Pitch Competition is a partnership with the Center for Civic Innovations

Applications Close on July 9, 2017


Civonne Ray

Written by Civonne Ray

Civonne is a music, art & culture connoisseur who brings captivating insight to the A3C Editorial Team. She also works as a Music Designer at Mood Media & Freelance Graphic Artist. Don't touch her hair CivonneRay.com

Topics: Art, Community, Opportunities

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