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The Bird's Eye View of the A3C- Day one

Posted by Lucien Wall on Oct 7

Finally!! A3C 2011 is BACK IN EFFECT

Day one of the 2011 A3C Hip Hop festival: Eventful & Celebratory of all things Hip Hop. Without question as one of the best starts to date for the festival, the common ground for appreciation of pure hip-hop of all degrees was well represented in Day One of the Masquerade.

Highlight Stages for the night included the Highlight Express presented by Kevin Nottingham dot com as well as the Perfect attendance stage presented by Fadia Kader & The Smoking Section and the Creative loafing stage with headlines acts Freeway & Random Axe, as well as a warm up from the legendary Diamond D. Digging in the Crates indeed

What I learned from day one at the A3C 2011:

-Albums from J live, Rapper Big Pooh & Torae are going to be TOUGH

-The entire Hip Hop DX & Kevin Nottingham showcases have supplied evidence that The State of Hip Hop is HEALTHY!!!!!

-Can’t front, but the Ying Yang Twins are funny dudes, and shown with their performance having a common ground in the culture at the A3C

-The smoking section and Fadia Kader continues to give more bang for the buck with the perfect attendance stage…seriously! GO HERE--->>>>>>> http://www.a3cfestival.com/schedule/#f

-You need to get a Jones for Lyric!- Lyric Jones: http://www.a3cfestival.com/lyric-jones-trapped-in-the-city-lights-video/

-WHY THE F*** is the unique squared studio so F******** DOPE??!?!?!!

-The information supplied at the panels are worth WAY MORE than a 3 day pass? Indie acts…. What u doing?? Get a pass- http://www.a3cfestival.com/buy-tickets/

-Raheem Devaughn… WORD?????? http://youtu.be/g5utxAfQr8w

-You need to read Malice’s book…. Real talk---> http://www.maliceoftheclipse.com/

-Glad to see Percee P & BIG REC doing their thing on stage!

Stay plugged into the A3C website all weekend for updates, pics, and performances from your favorite artists performing this weekend. If you are stalling.....WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? THIS IS HIP HOP!

Support the festival this weekend on twitter: #a3c and follow @a3c

And yea.. you can follow me to.. @tekmatrixsounds and the rest of the blog team for 2011!

Lucky Luciano

Lucien Wall

Written by Lucien Wall

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