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Kosha Dillz D.I.Y. List for A3C Festival

Posted by LuisReyes on Oct 4

HiphopDX Next winner and A3C vet Kosha Dillz, has insight to share with many of the artists attending this years' A3C Festival.

So, here are some words from Kosha himself:

I have been at A3C for a few years now, so there are some things I realize one needs to have while going down there. Sure there is promo material and other swag that needs to be checked, but there are also some other things you might need in your 90's hip hop back pack.

Instead of being standardized, be memorable. Over 1000 artists are there and many do not even play shows. Some are just kicking it and networking. Make sure you make a great last impact on all the producers, record execs, and promoters that partake in the greatest fall hip hop festival of the USA.



Here is a list of things not to forget this week, now that you have already forgotten them.

1. Biz cards/stickers

If you don't have enough time by Thursday, hit up Staples and rock out some right there with music links for people to check. If Jakprints didn't make your stickers, they might not have them in time. You can go to Staples and get "hello my name is" stickers and put them on your cd case. Make it memorable and draw some smileys and stars too. Or not.


2. Email list

Your best bet is to literally grab emails. Best way to let people know you are doing something with your career is by letting them know you are, doing something.


3. Phone charger

Don't be cheap now you cheap son of a ______ ! The worst thing is hanging out all night and knowing you are gonna be exchanging info and you can't lock it down because your phone is having issues. This is the biggest weekend of the year before 2012. Get your phone straight! If you are afraid of standing by your phone during the show, ask the bartender to plug your phone in. Safest way.


4. More water, less liquor.

Let's be real fellas, leave most of the drinking and partying to the rest of the A3C party crew. For us newbies and out of towners, we should be on point and not pissing others off all twisted out or g-d forbid getting a DUI back and forth to your hotel. Let's do our careers a solid and not get so obliterated that we annoy other rappers, druel drunk on patrons and piss off every blogger by reminding them we have this dope ass video of us and our posse keeping it real that coming out in two weeks that's gonna "change the game". And please, if you are drinking a lot, don't give us 80 daps. The worse thing we want is 80 daps from the same person with the same sweaty hand.


5 a. Hotel Room

This is always good when you are staying by other people from the festival. Just a cool scenario to catch people in the morning while getting continental breakfast coffee and bagels, etc. Treat yourself to the A3C hotel station and link.


5 b. Since you can't afford the hotel, a couch to sleep on also helps. A3C doesn't cover us all weekend to hang out. Hopefully you are cool enough to find a couch in town or even a hostel.


6. Merchandise

Def refer to #1 on this. If you don't have cd's made yet, feel free to burn some up just in time for the festival and be able to give them out as a little mix cd or what have you. Grab markers and cases. Walgreens is a 24 hour place that has CDs and cases and markers for you to draw up plenty. Your showcase fans will be happy you made things all special for them. Bring your T-shirts and older albums and hit off your favorite rappers without them, or better yet sell them to your fans you make. People at A3c are here to support, so help them (help you)!


7. Rental Car

If you are flying in take the necessary steps to getting a car. Kayak.com is always a good resort or carrentals.com or hotwire.com. For 100 bucks you can be big pimping it around Atlanta and grab the best food. If there are two of you coming in or three, a car is great and saves drama when you want to find a place to stay. Spend now or forever waste your peace (on cab drivers).


8. Religious Services (for jewish attendees)

i know this isn't really a item, but I figure you can bring your Jewish identity with you.Realizing you might miss Yom Kippur services, A3c has it. Jewishatlanta.org will has places to find services for the holy fast day of friday to saturday for any jewish attendee. If you feel like you should partake in this and you left your family back at home for the most important festival, don't feel bad. We can help you down here! email me personally and I'll get you set up. (rapperfriends at gmail.com) I perform thursday and kick it friday day and then head to my own services, back out for Saturday night festivities.

If you wanna know what Yom Kippur is about in general, just Google it up or email me as well!!


9. Unique Squared Mobile Studio

The Mobile Studio will also be in the house recording rappers so use it as your chance to be creative and record while you are working. Consider it an investment in free publicity. Whatever means a lot to you, you can do it! and record it!


10. Flip Cam

Why not bring down a flip cam? Great idea. The flip cam can be used to get drops from every rapper from myself to Freeway to Random Axe and M.O.P and Action Bronson if you get a chance. Get a drop and put it on your youtube channel or make a montage of the video. For 120 bucks a flip cam will change your life.


11. Free Cds

Design some cool things for us and make a special A3C cd with a mix of your music and come other ones…maybe some people will even review it on their site as "Things I get at A3c." This is a great business card for anyone who took a drive to A3C and didn't fly in. I always hear stories about how people played the cd they got from me for 8 hrs in a drive to the next city.



Gum is a great quality. Don't ace stank ass weed breath all up in my face or bad breath in general. It's nasty.


Toothbrush/Deodorant: This is for your own good. Stay on top of this!


There 'ya go A3C-ers and A3C-ettes.. 11 things to do on the checklist, plus some bonus items. Hit me on the twitter @koshadillz @teamkoshadillz @rapperfriends and see you Thursday night October 6th. I play 9:30 right after Diamond D Digger's Delight 45x45 at The Masquerade!


Kosha Dillz took 1st place in the HiphopDX Next competition and is flying out from LA to perform at this years A3C fest.. He has had three videos on MTV, played Rock The Bells, released songs with Rza, and recently released his latest EP 'Gina and The Garage Sale'. Kosha Dillz is a DIY specialist and plays over 150 dates a year for 3 years in a row and has played concerts in 48 states and 9 countries.


Written by LuisReyes

Topics: News, A3C Festival, d.i.y., Kosha Dillz

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