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Jon Connor Impresses, Brings Out Saigon & Pill

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Oct 10

It's a few days after A3C Festival 2011 and Jon Connor and his Blue City Club are still all the buzz! Not only did he impress the fans and other artists with his Perfect Attendance stage performance, but he brought out his squad in big fashion, including All Varsity Entertainment CEO and NCAA National Champion Mateen Cleaves. The artists who weren't familiar with Jon's music or his live show were overheard talking about how much of a "beast" the Flint, Michigan native is on the mic. Above you can watch two of those artists, Saigon and Pill, along with footage of his performance. We sure hope he comes back to Atlanta soon. We'll be waiting! In the meantime, check out his interview he did while out at A3C, and go cop his latest project Salvation today.

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The Blog Team

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