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IndieHitMaker: Making Dollars & Sense In The New Music Industry

Posted by Andy Pitre on Sep 21


IndieHitMaker Proudly Presents:

Making Dollars & Sense In The New Music Industry

The new music industry provides ways to do it yourself, remain independent, and rely on YOU to be successful. This interactive workshop will give you real solutions to get rolling immediately. From Internet Marketing to Touring, Publishing to Soundscan Reporting, you will learn tips and secrets from experts in two parts: An Intro to the New Music Biz and How to Make Money in it.

PART 1 - An intro to the new music industry
Featuring: JAWAR - "Music, Money, Hereafter: Social Media, Touring, Internet Marketing."

PART 2 - Making Dollars & Sense In The New Music Industry
An interactive Panel Featuring:

  • JAWAR (Internet Marketing and Industry Consultant)
  • Bram (SoundScan and Venue Reporting Expert)
  • Byron Wright (BMI - Associate Director Writer/Publisher Relations)
  • John Stringer (Moderator , IndieHitMaker - Partner)

Topics Covered

  • Internet and permission based marketing
  • Tools to get the most out of Social Media
  • Is SEO Important?
  • How can Touring help
  • Why and How to leverage Soundscan
  • Making your Performing Rights Organization work for you

IndieHitMaker allows any artist to report their live venue sales to SoundScan. Dedicated to driving the new music industry with innovative, cost-efficient products and services, IHM enables independent and unsigned artists the means to advance their careers and create their own success. As a non-exclusive SoundScan live venue reporting program, IHM is open to any and all artists and is a service mark of PolyPlat Records ADSD. For more information visit: www.indiehitmaker.com or call 877.99GO.IHM (877.994.6446).


Andy Pitre

Written by Andy Pitre

Topics: News, industry pannel, Intro to the New Music Biz and How to Make Money i, workshop, IndieHitMaker, interactive, Making Dollars & Sense In The New Music Indust

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